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    Congress Accidentally Legalized Weed Six Years Ago. monday, july 15 2024 07:00:00
    When lawmakers voted to allow hemp production in 2018, they quietly opened the door to legal THC in all 50 states.
    Slow Roads offers a chill, endless driving experience in your browser. monday, october 24 2022 19:54:25
    Free, meditative driving game with no strings attached might help you escape the grind.
    After complaints, Volkswagen will ditch capacitive steering wheel controls. monday, october 24 2022 17:18:58
    Recent VWs have shipped with capacitive multifunction steering wheels, and they're bad.
    Hydrogen-powered startups shine at the Paris Auto Show. saturday, october 22 2022 13:15:12
    An SUV with removable hydrogen-filled pods and a stylish sedan caught our attention.
    The world’s energy situation is not as terrible as you might expect. friday, october 21 2022 17:18:52
    Europe seems to be ready for the winter as renewable growth largely offsets coal.
    Google launches KataOS. sunday, october 16 2022 17:26:55
    Google has <a href="https://opensource.googleblog.com/2022/10/announcing-kataos-and-sparrow.html">announced</a> the existence of yet another new operating system, called KataOS, aimed at the creation of secure embedded systems. <p> <blockquote class="bq"> As the foundation for this new operating system, we chose seL4 as the microkernel because it puts security front and center; it is mathematically proven secure, with guaranteed confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Through the seL4 CAmkES framework, we're also able to provide statically-defined and analyzable system components. KataOS provides a verifiably-secure platform that protects the user's privacy because it is logically impossible for applications to breach the kernel's hardware security protections and the system components are verifiably secure. KataOS is also implemented almost entirely in Rust, which provides a strong starting point for software security, since it eliminates entire classes of bugs, such as off-by-one errors and buffer overflows. </blockquote>
    Woman lost @metaverse Instagram handle days after Facebook name change. monday, december 13 2021 19:39:00
    Nearly decade-old account was blocked for "pretending to be someone else.”
    Boosters for all is critical, not a luxury, Fauci says as FDA decision nears. wednesday, november 17 2021 22:24:08
    Boosters will help get us to our new normal of endemic COVID-19, Fauci says.
    Trump’s website defaced with claim that Trump admin created coronavirus. wednesday, october 28 2020 17:04:08
    Cryptocurrency scam said Trump involved in creating COVID and rigging election.
    Is McDonald’s ice cream machine working near you? There’s a bot for that. friday, october 23 2020 16:49:22
    Know before you go... drive-through milkshake style.
    Hacker says he correctly guessed Trump’s Twitter password—it was “maga2020!”. thursday, october 22 2020 17:59:27
    Security researcher alerted Trump team to weak password and lack of 2FA.
    Menú semanal de El Comidista (28 de septiembre a 4 de octubre). saturday, september 26 2020 06:42:22
    Crema de boniato y coco, falso pollo 'jerk', filete con hierbas con salsa de limón y alcaparras, ensalada asiática de col o quesada rápida: nuestro menú semanal es más otoñal que una hoja caduca.
    Chiariglione: A crisis, the causes and a solution. tuesday, january 30 2018 16:48:06
    Worth a read: <a href="http://blog.chiariglione.org/2018/01/28/">this blog posting from Leonardo Chiariglione</a>, the founder and chair of MPEG, on how (in his view) the group is being destroyed by free codecs and patent trolls. "<span>Good stories have an end, so the MPEG business model could not last forever. Over the years proprietary and 'royalty free' products have emerged but have not been able to dent the success of MPEG standards. More importantly IP holders – often companies not interested in exploiting MPEG standards, so called Non Practicing Entities (NPE) – have become more and more aggressive in extracting value from their IP.</span>" (Thanks to Paul Wise). <p>
    “Toda la planificación urbana del mundo es para los coches; la gente no importa”. friday, june 30 2017 05:03:15
    Hiroshima (1946). sunday, may 22 2016 21:20:31
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    15 series de televisión para entender la ciencia. sunday, may 22 2016 08:46:59
    Así alargó la jirafa su cuello. tuesday, may 17 2016 15:34:13
    Lo que tu móvil desvela de ti. monday, may 16 2016 18:59:37
    65% of companies are contributing to open source projects (Opensource.com). tuesday, may 10 2016 21:21:27
    The Future of Open Source Survey aims to examine trends in open source. It's hosted by Black Duck and North Bridge. Opensource.com <a href="https://opensource.com/business/16/5/2016-future-open-source-survey">looks at the results</a>. "<span>The <a href="http://www.slideshare.net/blackducksoftware/2016-future-of-open-source-survey-results">2016 Future of Open Source Survey</a> analyzed responses from nearly 3,400 professionals. Developers made their voices heard in the survey this year, comprising roughly 70% of the participants. The group that showed exponential growth were security professionals, whose participation increased by over 450%. Their participation shows the increasing interest in ensuring that the open source community pays attention to security issues in open source software and securing new technologies as they emerge.</span>"
    Researchers claim hydrogen energy advance. friday, september 12 2014 16:22:28
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