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Matrix face and Starwatch, two early (and now unsupported) Android Wear watch faces. Dheera VenkatramanBonysoft

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Patch-maker says breaking DRM is the only way to add Vive support to Rift games.
FuboTV temporarily won't count against Sprint data caps under a new promotion. (credit: FuboTV) Sprint is now allowing some online video to be streamed without counting against customers' data caps, making it the fourth major wireless carrier in the US to implement data cap exemptions (or "zero-rating"). Sprint's first foray into zero-rating, announced last week, is […]
"An unseen online audience watches, evaluating women’s bodies…mocking conversations."

US considers tariffs on uranium imports. 22 jul 2018 15:00:47.Ars Technica.

Only 5 percent of uranium used in US energy production comes from the US.
New DLC is just part of what makes surviving the perma-death strategy RPG worth it.
Professional safety diver Chris Peterman explains the joys and terrors of cave diving.
For those up late tonight, the webcast should begin 15-20 minutes before launch.
The company has not commented publicly on the issue.
From the archives: Android is open—except for all the good parts.
The Spiel des Jahres jury announces prize on Monday.
Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi opus looks better than it has in decades.
Over two minutes of Enter the Florpus includes familiar faces, no release date.
After Trump criticism, alt-right writer resurfaced posts from Twitter's pre-thread era.
Fake Microsoft domain was tied to attacks this year against congressional campaigns.
Other municipal governments have filed similar lawsuits and await an outcome.
The sudden appearance of lots of iron in the star's corona appears suspicious.
Extensive interviews cover "naive" hype, death threats over missing butterflies.
Electric utilities and fossil fuels lead spending.


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