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Matrix face and Starwatch, two early (and now unsupported) Android Wear watch faces. Dheera VenkatramanBonysoft

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Patch-maker says breaking DRM is the only way to add Vive support to Rift games.
FuboTV temporarily won't count against Sprint data caps under a new promotion. (credit: FuboTV) Sprint is now allowing some online video to be streamed without counting against customers' data caps, making it the fourth major wireless carrier in the US to implement data cap exemptions (or "zero-rating"). Sprint's first foray into zero-rating, announced last week, is […]
"It's pretty exhaustive. You gotta do that."
So far, BG3 looks like a perfect blend of Bioware's original, Larian's modern touches.
The plan asks a lot of Boeing.
Facebook will offer "locally hosted events, videos, and live streamed content."
"The writing on the wall. The sweet smell of blood. Be my victim."
Let's hope a real data privacy law, if we had one, would be less Delos-friendly.
$35 originally got you 1GB of memory, while 2GB was $45.
The latest case is in the same county where hundreds of evacuees were quarantined.
Dealmaster also has offers on Roku streamers, good cheap earphones, and more.
The ISRG's Let's Encrypt is putting the S in HTTPS on a massive scale.
Union predicts tens of thousands of job cuts after T-Mobile and Sprint combine.
Authorities offer vague statement alleging "content that is illegal in China."
Naughty Dog's Andy Gavin reveals mid-'90s memory management and 3D animation tricks.
2020 misinformation already hard for platforms, with November still months away.
Fans of the first season won't be disappointed.
Our limited edition podcast concludes with a discussion of weaponizing infosec AI.


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