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Matrix face and Starwatch, two early (and now unsupported) Android Wear watch faces. Dheera VenkatramanBonysoft

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Patch-maker says breaking DRM is the only way to add Vive support to Rift games.
FuboTV temporarily won't count against Sprint data caps under a new promotion. (credit: FuboTV) Sprint is now allowing some online video to be streamed without counting against customers' data caps, making it the fourth major wireless carrier in the US to implement data cap exemptions (or "zero-rating"). Sprint's first foray into zero-rating, announced last week, is […]
“The vehicles flew like a dream today."
Apple CEO also thinks forthcoming federal regulation of tech companies is "inevitable."
FCC is still measuring in-home speeds—but hasn't released report in two years.
Daniel Rigmaiden, now a privacy advocate, heads to court representing himself.
Shrinking from human to ant size would increase metabolic rate and oxygen needs.
Company called Energy Vault has an agreement to build a pilot tower in India in 2019.
Its age is unknown—and a touchy subject.
Samuel Jackson's criminal mastermind wants world to see super powers are real
"Exact dollar per batch—that's transparency," Instacart executive tells Ars.
Plenty of animals have ritual greetings. But most are not like this.
We've pored over the ads to find Black Friday tech deals that won't be trash.
Card packs, tickets, heroes, creeps, spells: We've got screens of (nearly) everything.

The Boring Company’s first tunnel is all dug up. 17 nov 2018 16:30:27.Ars Technica.

Tunnel reportedly ends on property The Boring Company recently bought.
Zany parkour shooter was among Xbox One's best in 2014—prepare your mouse and keyboard.
But we don't know of any mechanism that can create Pluto's "washboard" terrain.
Chunky, colorful pieces and simple rules make this a game for everyone.


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