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Security updates for Monday. 23 dic 2019 15:44:34.LWN.net.

Security updates have been issued by Debian (cups, cyrus-sasl2, tightvnc, and x2goclient), Fedora (cacti and cacti-spine), openSUSE (mariadb and samba), Oracle (fribidi, git, and python), Red Hat (fribidi, libyang, and qemu-kvm-rhev), Slackware (openssl and tigervnc), and SUSE (firefox, nspr, nss and kernel).

Kernel prepatch 5.5-rc3. 23 dic 2019 15:25:13.LWN.net.

The third 5.5 kernel prepatch is out; it was a bit bigger than Linus would have liked. "Anyway, I'm hoping rc3 is a one-off. In fact, with the holiday season coming up, I'd be very surprised indeed if it wasn't. So I suspect things will calm down a lot over the next couple of weeks, but please do use the down-time to do some extra testing instead, ok?"

Some weekend stable kernel updates. 22 dic 2019 15:57:33.LWN.net.

The 5.4.6, 4.19.91, 4.14.160, 4.9.207, and 4.4.207 stable kernel updates have all been released; each contains another set of important fixes.

[$] Cloning into a control group. 20 dic 2019 23:08:33.LWN.net.

The Linux control-group mechanism was designed to make it easy to assign processes to groups or move them around; it is a simple matter of writing a process ID to the appropriate cgroup.procs file in the control-group filesystem hierarchy. That only works for processes that actually exist, though. Adding the ability to place a new process into a control group at birth is the subject of this patch set from Christian Brauner.

Górny: A distribution kernel for Gentoo. 20 dic 2019 15:39:00.LWN.net.

Michał Górny describes an effort to create something one might have never expected to see: a binary kernel package for the Gentoo distribution. "I have manually configured the kernels for my private systems long time ago. Today, I wouldn’t really have bothered. In fact, I realized that for some time I’m really hesitant to even upgrade them because of the effort needed to update configuration. The worst part is, whenever a new kernel does not boot, I have to ask myself: is it a real bug, or is it my fault for configuring it wrong?"

Security updates for Friday. 20 dic 2019 14:30:27.LWN.net.

Security updates have been issued by Debian (cyrus-imapd and gdk-pixbuf), Fedora (cacti, cacti-spine, and fribidi), Red Hat (fribidi, git, and openstack-keystone), Scientific Linux (fribidi), Slackware (wavpack), and SUSE (firefox, kernel, mariadb, spectre-meltdown-checker, and trousers).


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